HO scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 2 (TSG)

27 Jul 2016

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56:38 - HO scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 2 (TSG 2009)


In HO DCC Installs Volume 1 part 2, TSG's Dan Cortopassi tackles 5 more complex/unusual real-world examples of DCC installs in HO scale locomotives, ranging from a speaker replacement to installs in locos that are not DCC ready. Part 2 also includes some bonus segments: a sound decoder bake-off comparison, speed matching demo, and a tour of Dan's Free-mo module used for the running footage in this video.

In this series, TSG includes enough variety to show typical issues you’ll likely encounter while installing your own decoders. There is a steam locomotive and an assortment of diesels, both with and without sound, so there should be something for everyone.

This video mentions a bonus library - click here to access.

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NOTE: This video was produced in 2009 using standard definition video. We have upsampled it to HD, but the video appears soft and may have a few moire patterns occasionally. Even so, the techniques illustrated are quite valuable -- we believe you will agree this video series, even at the old lower resolution, is packed with helpful install examples.

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•Vol 1 - Part 2, all chapters (~57minutes) ...


•Chapter 9 - Kato SD40 - Board replacement + new lighting install (6:04)

•Chapter 10 - Kitbashed B23-7 - Custom drive hardwire install (8:53)

•Chapter 11 - Athearn "Blue box" SD40-2 - Sound decoder hardwire install (7:25)

•Chapter 12 - Atlas C40-8 - Sound loco speaker replacement (1:37)

•Chapter 13 - Atlas B23-7 - Replace motor decoder with sound decoder (7:41)

•Chapter 14 - Decoder performance comparison - different sound decoders (6:30)

•Chapter 15 - Bonus - DCC loco speed matching (11:13)

•Chapter 16 - Bonus - A look at Dan's Free-mo layout module (7:15)

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Coming next month is HO DCC installs volume 2, which is all more advanced install examples.

Love to see some Brass Steam Loco installs.  Enjoying the series

We have a brass steam loco sound hard-wire install with a cam going up the week of Aug 15 in Vol 2, part 2.

Great looking module. Your craftsmanship really shows up in all those great details. It does look like many areas in California. The speed matching is very important to me. Were you using decoder pro or just a DT402 throttle? Was this done in the Programming on the main- mode as well? I didn't hear you mention which version of programming to choose, but since they were running in a consist mode, I would guess on the main.

Thank you for the videos and informative podcasts. Looking forward to more.

Thomas G.