HO scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 1 (TSG)

20 Jul 2016

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25:43 - HO scale decoder installs, vol 1 - part 1 (TSG 2009)


In HO DCC Installs Volume 1 part 1, TSG's Dan Cortopassi tackles 7 real-world examples of DCC installs in HO scale locomotives, ranging from easy plug-and-play installs to slightly more difficult wired installs that only require a bit of skill with a soldering iron. (Part 2 with 8 more segments including many more advanced installs is coming next week.)

In this series, TSG includes enough variety to show typical issues you’ll likely encounter while installing your own decoders. There is a steam locomotive and an assortment of diesels, both with and without sound, so there should be something for everyone.

This video mentions a bonus library - click here to access.

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NOTE: This video was produced in 2009 using standard definition video. We have upsampled it to HD, but the video appears soft and may have a few moire patterns occasionally. Even so, the techniques illustrated are quite valuable -- we believe you will agree this video series, even at the old lower resolution, is packed with helpful install examples.

Vol 1, part 2 gets into more advanced install techniques: click here to watch vol 1, part 2.

Looking for even more advanced hard-wire installs?
Watch HO DCC installs Vol 2

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•Vol 1 - Part 1, all chapters (~26 minutes) ...


•Chapter 1 - HO DCC decoder install series introduction (5:12)

•Chapter 2 - Atlas B23-7 - 8-pin plug install (2:55)

•Chapter 3 - Athearn GP60B - JST plug install (1:40)

•Chapter 4 - Blueline SD40-2 - Add motor decoder to existing sound-only decoder (1:41)

•Chapter 5 - Athearn F59PHI - Typical "Blue box" decoder install (3:08)

•Chapter 6 - Atlas B40-8W - QSI chip upgrade (2:50)

•Chapter 7 - Kato SD40-2 - Board replacement + Digitrax Sound Bug (5:22)

•Chapter 8 - Bachmann Spectrum 4-4-0 - steam sound replacement install (2:55)

PART 2 ...
Part 2 has more complex installs, 3 different decoders compare, speed matching demo, and more!

Watch DCC installs vol 1 second half


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Thank you for providing this video...it is really good...I have been looking at it for years debating on buying it. Keep up the great work guys !!!!


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This is a very well done video of the most simple and basic DCC decoder installs. With the basics out of the way, I'm hoping that future episodes in this series show more challenging installs.  For example - what about a Tsunami Sound Decoder, with working LED headlights and ditch lights, in an Overland Models diesel?  Or, using / programming the more advanded CV's?   Thanks!           

Yep, there's another dozen plus installs coming that get progressively more complex, ending with sound, headlights, ditch lights, and a roof beacon - all in the same loco! Next week is another 5 more complex installs, a 3-loco compare of different sound decoders (same loco model, just 3 different sound decoders compared) and a segment on speed matching.

Next month, HO DCC Installs volume 2, which is nothing BUT more complex installs in both diesel and steam locos.

Bachmann seems to have been all over the map, and never that I can see using any sort of color code, for the engine to tender connections.  Also, I have one loco where the connections fron the tender connector to the board broke at the solder joint - fatigue from unavoidable moving around to open tender bottom for sound.

I'm using a homemade enclosure with four cell phone speakers in series parallel, still 8 ohm, plenty of air moving capacity.

1)  if anyone has any information on mapping wiring connections (track, motor, lights) to ANY Bachmann PC boards, please share

2)  also any info on wiring from motor, track, lights to engine side connector  -  a step by step description of how you determine what wre does what;  I'll be adding new Miniatronics like 2 wire and 4 wire connectors and will at least color code the tender side once I know what wire off the loco does what.

Neat series  -  but need more steam examples, and comparisons of tender bottom to coal bin top speaker location performance, etc.