Hot Trains - Alco Mania, railfan the BC&SJ

12 Apr 2014

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62:34 - Hot Trains Alco Mania, railfan the Bear Creek & South Jackson (2010)

A fun video showing how Charlie Comstock brought his layout vision alive, with lots of transition-era Alco diesel trains. Shot on Charlie Comstock's gorgeous 1950's era Bear Creek & South Jackson.

•Chapter 1: The day begins on the BC&SJ (8:22)

•Chapter 2: Tunnel 3 and a meet at Oakhill (6:38)

•Chapter 3: Reefer express and hauler west (9:30)

•Chapter 4: Oakhill switching puzzle, part 1 (8:13)

•Chapter 5: Switching Oakhill, part 2 (7:25)

•Chapter 6: Long train with helpers, part 1 (9:59)

•Chapter 7: Long train with helpers, part 2 (8:42)

•Closing: Bull session and credits (3:45)

This HIGH DEFINITION version of our STD-DEF DVD content is available free to TMTV members (HD version costs extra to purchase and is only available as a download).


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Thanks for the entertaining tour of the Bear Creek & South Jackson! This was a very enjoyable railfanning style video and very well done!


excellent ,thank you


your videos are some of the best I have ever seen!  How were you able to get so close to the trains and keep the entire train in focus?  I loved the scenes where the train came around a corner and one by one a car would appear coming around a curve then fall in line with the cars ahead of it.

I would love to see a tour of your layout, do you have any plans to do one?

again, great video



Have you looked on youtube for a tour?



I really enjoyed the series. Well done on your layout!

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Awesome & thanks for sharing! Any chance of future videos being aggregated & not broken into lots of little videos? Regardless, keep the great video coming! :)

You got your wish ... Hot Trains now has a Watch Full Video option. We'll try to do this on future videos that have lots of segments.

Guys, it was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable! I hope it might be available for purchase.

Have a great Easter weekend and what it represents.........

Cheers, from north of the 49th.

Model Trains Video has the Hot Trains DVD for sale. But it's not rendered in 720p. But it does include a number of bonus extras: installing ballast, basic greenery, and advanced greenery. Something like another 1/2 hour of content.


  This was Some of the Best I've ever seen....

     Absolute Brilliance in Action...

        I Want to Know so much more...About The Sound???  

       Please Show Us More!!!

The sound was post processed in while I was editing the video. In person, the layout doesn't sound like that!


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Great video...I had purchased the DVD a couple of years ago, but I had never hung around for the credits. The video is very informative, but the credits are the most entertaining !



  You seem to be having way too much fun making these most excellent videos.  Yet I am aware that you have much more work to finish on the BC&SJ.  So get back to work and get the penensula done so that I can start begging you for a visit and dare I say, a chance to operate the Polar Bear Express.. lol  

 Most excellent video.. your love of the hobbie shows ..  You are an inspiration .... Keep it up

Hey to Horrace..

Bill Westbury

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