2019-04.4: Bowser plug'n'play DCC install

27 Apr 2019

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24:42 - Apr 2019 Act IV - Bowser plug'n'play DCC sound install (2019)

Sometimes plug'n'play isn't just plug'n'play. Alex Kolesnikov from DCC Train in Cincinnati has tips for avoiding common decoder "plug-n-play" pitfalls.


Georonn's picture

Great presentation Bob and Alex.  It would be great if all the installations were that easy, but alas, some still require basic soldering skills as well as measuring to determine how much space is available.

Someone should share the silly putty method of determining space.  I like to take a ball of silly putty and put on top of the motor, the put the shell back on, smushing the putty to determine the amount of space between the underside of the shell ant the top of the motor.  That technique came out of a beautiful installation I did where, when I went to put the body back on, discovered that the speaker enclosure was about 1/16th of an inch too tall.  Don’t ya hate when 5hat happens?


Congratulations Bob on moving from guest to host! Good job, looking forward to more from you.

Excellent video.