2019-02.1: Tsunami 2 - bringing it all together

02 Feb 2019

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31:35 - Feb 2019 Act I - Tsunami2 summary and demo (2019)

We've spent the last several shows investigating the features of Tsunami2 decoders with George Bogatiuk from Soundtraxx. In this segment George brings it all together -  the dynamics of locomotive control combined with subtleties of sound.

Act II: SketchUp Revisited ...

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It is as George has demonstraited  Fantastic product! I have several Tsnami2 decoders Added 3 more this week prior to opsession Friday  

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My first couple of Tsunami2 installs I forgot about the blue LED on the board (see 29:45 to :55 in the video). Can it be disabled or do I have to open the shell again and put black tape over it? The bright light shines right through the radiator fans.

Thank you, Ed

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Here's a response from George:

There is no way to disable this.  It is a pilot light to help us know that the track power is applied.  (Think “Is your TV plugged in?” )  Unfortunately, you will need to put a view block to help ‘muffle’ the light.  If you use some dark Athearn box foam, it will hide it, but still allow the sound out through the fans..  And if needed, you may still be able to see a faint glow of the light, but not so much it ruins the look of the model.   The original Tsunami was a red light and too many thought it was a light pointing out an error/issue with the install.  So for the T2 and Eco, we changed it to blue. I hope this helps.

Barry Silverthorn, studio segment producer