2019-01.1: Function-mapping Tsunami2 decoders

04 Jan 2019

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28:14 - Jan 2019 Act I - Function-mapping Tsunami2 decoders (2019)

Pay attention, class.  George Bogatiuk from Soundtraxx has lessons on the intricacies of function mapping your decoders.

Act II: Styrene fabrication, part 2 ...

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Great presentation. I hope there are more to come just like this. 

Warflight's picture

This is fine and all, but... can we get something useful?

I'm really tired of ads for NCE, and Soundtraxx.

My DCC is Digitrax, and NONE of the NCE or Soundtgraxx stuff isd worth a damn to me.

How is advertisements for NCE, and Soundtraxx any sort ot premium content, when I can get them free from their web sites?

I am like, TMTV's Biggest fan,. but, these NCE and Soundtraxx segments (that are free on their sides, and are just ads) are getting old.... Why am I paying for NCE and Soundtraxx advertisements?

Give us something useful! MR started giving us scratch built locos.

Give us some segments on scratch building... or craftsman building, or kits building, or product reviews...

Enough with pushing NCE and Soundtraxx! We get it... buy their shit!

I'm paying a premium for TMTV... give us premium content! Not commercials!

I can not care any less about what NCE and Soundtraxx have to say about product I don't have... and the more I pay to see them advertise, the more i will NEVER BUY their product.

Now, if their videos were in the free section, I wouldn't care... but paying for TMTV... and expecting four videos a month for my money... I care if one of them is an ad.

I honestly don't think I'm alone here.

(just being brutally honest)


Warflight's picture

Please don't take my complaints wrong.

It's just... this video is wasted on anyone that doesn't have that decoder is all. It's an ad we are paying money for... money I could have bought coffee with. (your ad, not mine)

I know you guys can do better. I've seen you do better!

No more of these NEC/Soundtraxx advertisements we have to pay for. Give us content. Even MRVP isn't doing the ads any more. Be better. I have faith! I love TMTV! Make it love us back with real content, and not ads!

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I turned this off about halfway through. Too tedious plus I do not use NCE, I have a MRC system and until I can afford to replace it I need help figuring that stuff out. I have a hard time following GB, either here or when he's on with Ken. I know he knows his subject, but he's not my idea of the ideal instructor, at least I have a hard time following his methods. Something about function mapping with ESU would be nice, my RR is all Alco and they have the chips I prefer. I model a period before ditch lights and for some reason ESU is giving away all the "easy" buttons to functions I can't use; bummer.

Warflight, we appreciate your honesty.

One thing that's always been part of TMTV from the beginning is to provide how-to's from the vendors themselves as well as from modelers. The idea is to go straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak. One rule we have -- keep the how-to content high and the marketing hype near zero, please.

We would LOVE a lot more variety in these in-depth vendor how-to's. For this reason, we put out invites to all the vendors to come give some in-depth how-tos for our viewers.

What happens is we get ignored by some vendors, such as Digitrax, to name one. NCE and SoundTraxx, however, are happy to come and give us a lot of in-depth how-tos.

If you'd like to see other vendor in-depth how-tos, then pester the vendors you would like to see and tell them to get their fannies over to TMTV for a day of clinics! If they go to a national convention, they might reach 100-200 modelers in a clinic. If they come to TMTV, their clinics will reach thousands -- talk about a better ROI for them.

So remember, one part of TMTV is vendor how-tos. We just need to convince more vendors to take us seriously and we'll be glad to increase the variety of vendors!