2018-11.3: Montréal, Vermont & Essex

17 Nov 2018

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20:25 - Nov 2018 Act III - The Montréal, Vermont & Essex Club (2018)

There are rich and diverse modelling opportunities to be found between Boston and Canada.  The Montréal, Vermont & Essex is an HO-scale slice of New England, set in the late 1950s.  The list of places modelled reads like the ultimate road trip for fans of New England Railroading in the transition era.

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This club does beautiful work. But without taking away anything from that, what really impressed me is the wonderful environment they've created for spending time with their friends - whether that's working on a project, holding an ops session, or having dinner together. When you see the meal break, you'll know they're doing it right: Now that's my kind of club!

Happy modeling...

- Trevor

Timing was perfect. I first looked at this video last week. I reside an hour and a half from Montreal and when I visited their website I knew I had to go to their open house last weekend. Definately a worthwhile experience. They were very welcoming and quite willing to talk about their layout or anything else you wanted to discuss about model railroading. They had live musicians playing Christmas music quietly beside the dining area where you could purchase a light lunch. The layout is very impressive and is still a work in progress. If you know the area they are modelling you certainly can recognize some of the buildings and they have certaily captured the rural feeling of Vermont and the bustle of Montreal.

Une journeé magnifique.



Wow, what beautiful layouts and a great crew.  Hard to believe that 12 people have the time and energy to do all that each week.  I think you are all very blessed.  Thanks for a great video tour.   Best, Andy K

What a fantastic story of dedicated and very exceptional modelers. Wonderful presentation of a truely remarkable group of guys and their marvelous work.

You have something special going.

Thank you for sharing.


Jerry F 

Schuylkill Branch PRR