2018-10.4: Curt LaRue’s Pennsy

27 Oct 2018

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27:15 - Oct 2018 Act IV - Curt LaRue’s Pennsy Panhandle Division (2018)

Curt LaRue grew up with railroads in his back yard.  But he never saw a Pennsylvania Railroad train.  It was the well-documented prototype that encouraged him to re-create a portion of the Pennsy in HO-scale.


I’ve always had an interest in the Pennsy, so it was a great layout to watch, but what impressed me most is that Curt’s research and recreation of what was their historically real makes for a truly believable model, one where all parts contribute to the whole.  He is certainly a modeller after my own heart, trying to show that the railway was part of a bigger scene, but also one that was reliant on people and the communities they served.  The research behind the name of Bertha was what struck me as Curt being interested in the story behind the reason for the railroad, not just about track plans, structures or locos.

Thanks again for an excellent video and if you could pass on my congratulations and respect to Curt for his research and modelling, I hope to see more in the future.  Kind regards, Tony

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 Beautiful layout and attention to details!  Excellent job on the research.