2018-10.2: Customizing Tsunami2 Diesel

13 Oct 2018

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20:23 - October 2018 Act II - Customizing Tsunami2 Diesel (2018)

How many sounds can you put under the hood of one locomotive shell?  George Bogatiuk from Soundtraxx shows off just a few of the choices for customizing Tsunami2 decoder sounds for diesel locomotives.

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Thanks George. The demonstration was excellent. It's amazing what these decoders are capable of.

Georonn's picture

Thanks George,  with each episode I learn more and more.  I just recently upgraded an E7 from a non-Sound decoder to a Tsunami 2.  Bill from Riders Hobby set me up with everything I needed to make this a success and it turned out perfectly.  Just reviewing the guide and the online documentation allowed me to set up the dual prime mover and Leslie Air horn to match the prototype.  I really appreciate your demonstrations here.  Next I’m going to tackle a pair of Trainmasters that i’ve wanted to upgrade along with a couple of Proto 2000 GP9’s if I can find a place to put the speaker.

Thanks for taking the time to educate us.

George Ronn


Great demo George. I'm kicking my ass now for not taking advantage of the trade up program that you ran during June. I have an Athearn GP 9 that would benefit from an upgrade!