2018-07.3: Hiding Electrical Feeders

21 Jul 2018

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11:55 - July 2018 Act III - Hiding Electrical Feeders (2018)

Joe Fugate shows us how he hides electrical feeders - while keeping them easy to find for troubleshooting.


great video Joe. soldering is not one of my strong points, where can I find soldering paste vs soldering wire? 

joef's picture

The soldering paste I use I got from Amazon here:


$11 and free shipping to Prime members.

Tbgarland's picture

That's some good stuff right there Joe. I'm gonna have to get some of that paste! Learn something new everyday!

I like it!

Tim Garland

Joe thank you for the link...

Warflight's picture

I have that exact same soldering iron! Anyone who says those lights on the iron are rediculous, has obviously never had to solder something really fiddly... believe me... those lights are amazing!

JamesS's picture

What temperature was the soldering iron set for?  I would like to try the paste but dont want the iron set too high.