2018-07.1: Tsunami Dynamic Digital Exhaust

07 Jul 2018

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26:06 - July 2018 Act I - Tsunami Dynamic Digital Exhaust (2018)

George Bogatiuk from Soundtraxx demonstrates setting up Dynamic Digital Exhaust in their Tsunami2 decoders in four different types of locomotives.

Also in the July edition:
- Notch 8:  Weathering flatcar decks
- The Backshop Clinic:  Hiding electrical feeders
- Fired Up!:  Burning coal


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I wish I could give this a 6 rating.  I admit to being an ESU guy but, Soundtraxx really has the automated load option down pat.  I enjoyed this video!

WOW!!!  Sandy is so much better.  The guest actually gets to talk and relay what he is trying to tell the audience.  He is a keeper.