2018-04.2: A better way to ballast turnouts

13 Apr 2018

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21:16 - Apr 2018 Act II - Ballasting Turnouts (2018)

Ballasting turnouts can be sticky business.  How many times have you tried to carefully add glue around the points, only to find them stuck shut the next day?  Joe Fugate has a system for doing the job without the frustration of gumming things up.

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Very good episode.  The tape idea is great.  Also, I love the "mister" used for the wet water.  I've been using a fine spray bottle for years, but that mister is a better tool.  The manufacturer is "Clever"?  Thanks...

Did Trevor get that mister in Canada? 

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Man... I wish this video was up months ago when I was ballasting!

Fortunately, I was careful with my switches.

Oh, and @Dean... you can get those misters from Amazon, or any kitchen supply place. They are for misting butter, or other things food grade.

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Hi all:

Ah - the mister! I've been using one of these for a few years now and it's brilliant. It's a spray bottle designed for cooking oil. I got mine at a local, restaurant supply business that also sells retail. I'm sure a chain like Williams Sonoma would have them - and other well-stocked kitchen stores, too.

I used one in "The Roadshow" series. It's nice to see someone else (Joe) picked up on it and is using it too.


- Trevor

It’s a MISTO brand sprayer. Amazon sells them ...

Misto sprayer for applying wet water to ballastMisto Brushed Aluminum Olive Oil Sprayer

Link: http://a.co/eJK3b1b


As the names implies, they spray a very fine mist, which works great for applying wet water to ballast without disturbing it. They’re marketed as an olive oil mister for cooking. Trevor was the one who first put us onto this great tool.

Wished I had watched this video a week ago before I glued all my track down, especially the tape on the switches to help cover the holes for switches.  Was pondering how was going to solve that.  Great video!!