2018-04.1: NCE “Light It” decoders for signals

06 Apr 2018

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19:29 - Apr 2018 Act I - NCE “Light It” decoders for signals (2018

Ed Wilson discusses using NCE’s “Light It” decoders for driving the LEDs in your trackside signals, with a quick demonstration using a detection system. Part 4 of 4.

>>Watch part 1: "Light It" for DC
>>Watch part 2: "Light It" for locos
>>Watch part 3: "Light It" for accessories


espeelover's picture

Pretty cool, it's almost as if I might even be able to work with this. I was planning on "dark territory" but now, perhaps not.

I have a question about gap and signal placement. In the video, you have the gaps significantly ahead of the signal. What happens if a train stops before the signal but has crossed the gap? It seems to me that the signal would never clear because the train is now in the bock that the signal protects (i.e., the block is occupied by the train). This would especially be a problem if the signal was absolute – a stop indication could never be cleared, and the train would be stuck at the signal forever! I think the gap should always be at, or slightly behind, a signal that is protecting the block defined by the gap.