2018-03.5: Yarmouth Model Works kits

30 Mar 2018

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10:19 - Mar 2018 Bonus - Notch 8: Yarmouth Model Works kits (2018)

You may know Pierre Oliver from his appearances on our Notch 8 segment, but did you know that he  designs and markets resin freight car kits as well?  Pierre talks about Yarmouth Model Works and shows off some of the most recent releases.



Thank you for producing S scale kits.  I bought two kits as soon as I read about them on Trevor's blog.  They are next on my project list and I can hardly wait to get working on them.  I have always admired your work in HO so I know these will build up into superb models.

I was also excited to hear that you intend to produce another S scale project.  

Thank you for supporting S scale with such excellent kits.

~ John

John Gibson


Another well done video on resin kits. I enjoyed learning a bit about the manufacturing process. Thanks guys.