2018-02.4: Rolling stock tune-up

24 Feb 2018

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36:04 - Feb 2018 Act IV - Rolling stock tune-up (2018)

Miles Hale delivers simple tips to keep your rolling stock coupled together and on the rails.

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Warflight's picture

Great episode. It actually got me to take out a car I kept putting off, and finish, and tweek... Kadee whisker couplers... some added weight, metal wheels (Intermountain) and I have it running like a dream now. Sure, I knew a lot of this from other episodes, and the forums and the like, but it's good to have reminders.

Great video, very informative. The hosts did an excellent job.

P Hanzlik's picture

good informative video.  Really liked that tip at the end on making a mask to paint the trucks 

Good Video. I always trade out the wheels for metal wheels. It adds weight, runs smoother, and even makes a difference I think in sound.

espeelover's picture

Was wondering why your car was so light, I always use metal wheels so did not think otherwise until you mentioned it. The more weight the better, and the lower you keep the weight is better yet. I also do not "intermingle" my KD couplers, meaning I stick to the same size heads on all cars. Since I've been at this since the 1970's the standard heads are on everything as they seem to operate the best. The new whisker coupler is very nice, and these get used on todays modern cars as many manufacturers are making coupler boxes that will not work with #5's. I still have a small mountain of the old 5 & 10 centering springs which predate the "delayed" centering springs which were not a favorite over here, as real railroads don't do that sort of move (at least on purpose) so its not done here either. Those older springs work just like the newer whiskers do for better centering; so it seems like things almost went full circle.