2018-02.3: Rick McClellan’s Frisco

17 Feb 2018

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17:50 - Feb 2018 Act III - Rick McClellan’s Frisco Northern (2018)

When the time came for Rick McLellan to build his dream layout, there was no question that it would be based on a prototype that doesn’t often make the list of iconic North American railroads - the Frisco.  The railroad lives on in Rick’s basement; Or at least, as much of it as he can squeeze in.

Act IV - Rolling Stock Tune-Up ...

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Layout tour videos are what brought me to TMTV. Another great layout!

Bntrainmaster's picture

Another phonominal layout.

Very enjoyable and a beautiful layout.  Looks like a great quality ops layout!!  Thank you. :-)  Best, Andy K.



Thank you for sharing. I normally take a pass on large layouts but I'm very happy I "visited" yours. 

The best part for me....the Cherry Red Gremlin!  I owned a yellow one back in 1979.

Charles Malinowski 

Carmel, Indiana


Very nicely done Rick.

Your layout has to be one of my top 5 favorites!  We both model railroads that are about the same size.  Would love to see it in person one day.