2017-11.1: Notch 8: Weathering Steam part 3

04 Nov 2017

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25:26 - Nov 2017 Act I - Notch 8: Weathering Steam: 3 (2017)

Alan Houtz from Iwata-Medea airbrushes discusses how steam engines get grimy, and shows us methods for weathering freight locomotives.  This time around Alan tackles a yard switcher and weathers it to represent a locomotive that is reaching the end of service.  Part 3 of 3.

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This video plays fine in Firefox ! So there is just something about the previous 2 videos that do not allow them to be played in Firefox....hmmm.



Great series on westhering steam. Can you please share a listing of all the paints, accessories and airbrush used so I can go out and get my own setup?



Hi Bill,  I'd suggest you go back and watch the airbrish 101, 102, 103, and 104 videos.  They explain all of this pretty thoroughly.  I use the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS for most painting, and for the fine detail on these projects I used the Iwata HP-C+.  Paints used were the Iwata Real Deal weathering set, and the Iwata Photo Gray set.