2017-08.3: Glues, solvents, and other adhesives

19 Aug 2017

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48:42 - August 2017 Act III - Adhesives (2017)

Miles Hale brings an arsenal of glues, solvents and other adhesives to The Backshop Clinic and discusses their properties and uses.  

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coyoteww's picture

Thank You TMTV ! At last all the descriptions ( and uses ) for adhesives in one place. I use each and every one of these, and know most of the information, but, as usual, you have taught me more about common materials and their uses. Great show !

Michael Watson

Excellent review.  Thank you.

bart's picture

Thank you Rick Green and thank you Mikes Hale.  This is an excellent reference for both usage and cautions.  Very well done!  An example of why Trainmasters TV is the absolute tops!


 Thanks for this rundown, clarifying sticky situations.

I've encountered solvents (paint remover comes to mind) that eat right through laytex gloves. One would be better off with nitrile rubber. 

Warflight's picture

So, I was at the local dollar store, and they had Mod Podge... I've heard it's use in model railroading a lot, so, I bought a few bottles of each (high gloss, and matt finish) as well as some tacky glue they had. I found a great use for the tacky glue (I use EZ track, and ballast slides off the roadbed on the sides... but if you smear the sides with tacky glue, problem solved!)

My question (and this seems as good a place as any to ask) what are some uses for the Mod Podge? I considered that the matt would be good for keeping decales sealed, and protected... but what are some other modeling uses? (if it's worth my time, I may go back and stock up on a few more bottles)