2017-08.2: Start Small, THINK BIG: Scenery (pt 8)

12 Aug 2017

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41:05 - August 2017 Act II - Start Small, THINK BIG: Scenery-2 (2017)

Fran Hale returns to the studio to help Miles add foliage to the Redbridge scene from our TOMA project layout.  They use products from a variety of manufacturers to replicate turf, trees and shrubs, weeds and flowers.

Note:  The YouTube Model Builders video referenced in this segment can be found at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR2gEe7jKCE&t=1564s

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New episodes ROCK! (awww... I see what I did there... Scenery? Rock?)

Okay... I'll stop now. (great episode, as usual)

Looks great. You make it look so easy.

...I'm particularly interested in how to minimize the separation lines between modules, and how to achieve a seamless look (in terms of coloraion and scenery texture) across module boundaries. Will module-to-module interfaces be discussed at some point, as regards trackwork and scenery? Electrical already was, at least to an extent.

Meanwhile, very good general scenery tutorial!