2017-07.2: A look back at vintage kits

14 Jul 2017

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20:45 - July 2017 Act II - Vintage Kits (2017)

David Woodhead and host Rick Green take a trip back in time to review kit examples from days gone by.  Be warned, you might be inspired to pick up some of those musty, dusty boxes you come across at swap meets!


This segment really made my day!

Selley was originally out of Winter Park, Florida before being absorbed, thankfully, into Bowser.  They made rolling stock also.  Likewise guilty of just buying cool stuff, I have a few of their passenger cars on the shelf and I do plan to build and run them!



Too bad you did not have some of the 1950s vintage Athearn metal kits.  Thye are great stuff

Some pics of my Dad's old equipment