2017-07.1: Loksound Decoder Sound Loading

07 Jul 2017

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15:35 - July 2017 Act I - Loading sound into Loksound decoders (2017)

The TMTV team has an Atlas GP-38 with a factory-installed LokSound decoder for use on our TOMA project layout.  Matt Herman from ESU demonstrates how to upgrade the decoder to the latest Full-Throttle specs using their LokProgrammer and ESU software.

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Act II: A look back at vintage kits ...

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Great demo. I just started using the Lokprgrammer myself, very simple to use. 

Tbgarland's picture

That's some good information. I just figured out how to use my LokProgrammer and made use of your information about changing the horn and bell sounds. Thanks!

Tim Garland


Great episode.

I have a question about upgrading a LokSound decoder using the LokProgrammer. Does this reset all the decoder CVs back to default?

Let's say the locomotive had already been tuned, and I only wanted a new feature such as Full Throttle. Would I have to retune the locomotive everytime I upgraded its decoder?

Jack Cutler