2017-05.3: Start Small, THINK BIG: Wiring (pt 5)

19 May 2017

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24:57 - May 2017 Act III - Start Small, THINK BIG: Wiring (2017)

Miles Hale and friends build a project layout in the TrainMasters TV studio using the principles of The "One Module" Approach, also known as TOMA.  In the fifth part of the series, Ed Wilson of NCE brings lots of toys to the table to help Miles get the first module ready for DCC control of trains.

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Could you please give the P/N and source for Wago terminal block mentioned in Part 5. Amazon has lots of Wago terms but not what I saw in the video.

Thanks, Gordon

TMTV Station Agent's picture

Hi, Gordon.  The specific blocks that Miles used are part #862-503.  He ordered his from Electronics Supply Co. in Kansas City, MO.   www.eskc.com

Barry, TrainMasters TV producer


The pegboard panel with the Switch 8 - when the module is in use, how does the panel not drop down?  There isn't a latch or stop to keep it from dropping down.


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 There isn't a latch or stop to keep it from dropping down.

A latch could certainly be added by a clever builder.  We just used a small woodscrew in the benchwork as a door-stop.

Barry, TrainMasters TV producer

Thanks, Barry.

Hi Miles,

The data sheet for Wago-862 series connectors talks about using ferrules for stranded wire - I don't know if this means that non-ferruled stranded wire might have some issues.  Might be good to research.



Excellent series ! ... Inspired me 2 start planning 2 build my own module ...

Picked up lots of tips from this series & from Trevor's FreeMo series ...

Was wondering about the feeder wire terminal strip manufacturer & source 4 same ...