2017-04.1: Experimenting with LEDs

06 Apr 2017

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21:48 - April 2017 Act I - Experimenting with LEDs (2017)

LEDs have been available to hobbyists for 40 years, but recent innovations have seen them used more commonly in everything from locomotive ditch lights to layout lighting.  There isn’t much about them that’s complicated and as Miles Hale shows us, a little bit of experimenting can help make you more comfortable with using them for a variety of projects.

Also in this month's show:
- DCC Decoded:  Adding sound decoders to brass steamers
- Start Small, Think Big - Roadbed and track
- Crew Call -  Rolling Back the Years, Part 2

- and more…

Act II: Brass steam locomotive decoder swap ...

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Thank you Miles! I had wondered about reworking the Woodland Scenics Just Plug LED's, (as well as others) to use with the light hub. I can also see how adding nano LED's to Steam locomotive headlight and marker lamps can become a real possablity. Using his advice I can see putting all the LED's on a building on just one of the dimmable light ports on the hub. Great video as always!

I would love to see a video on how Miles makes those interiors.  I'm sure I can figure it out, but I'm guessing he's got some tips for things that may not be so obvious.

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A quick search for "miles interiors" brings up this segment from September 2015:  https://trainmasters.tv/videos/2015-09-4-tmtv-sep-2015-edition-act-iv

"A few details on the walls and roof of a structure can add realism, but don't forget the interior.  Modeler Miles Hale shares some quick tips for giving buildings a lived-in look."

By the way, shortly after the segment on interiors was released City Classics introduced their "Picture Windows" product, which would have no doubt been included in the clinic if fthey had been available at the time.   http://www.cityclassics.biz/picture_windows.html

Barry, TrainMasters TV producer

Thanks, Barry.  I don't know how I missed that episode.  I'm on to watch it right away...