2017-03.4: Crew Call - Rolling Back the Years, Pt. 1

30 Mar 2017

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23:56 - Mar 2017 Act IV - Rolling Back the Years, Pt. 1 (2017)

“Crew Call” is a new TrainMasters TV series.  As a ten-year old growing up in a railway town, Bob Fallowfield could often be found down by the tracks.  When it came time to build a railroad in his own basement, there was no question in his mind about what he would model.  He takes us on a tour of his “stomping grounds” and relates how railroading in the 1980s influences operations on the layout he is building today.   Part 1 of 2.

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Bill Brillinger's picture


I can see already that "Crew Call" is going to be a favorite feature of mine on TMTV!

Looking forward to the second episode...

- Bill

coyoteww's picture

Great idea and excellent photography. The explaination, along with diagrams, real track schematics, and of old footage explains in detail where the inspiration for a layout can come from. I think this is going to be a hit on TMTV !


p.s. Trevor....you look so SERIOUS ! Smile !

I think you have another winner on your hands with Crew Call.

Leonard Davis

looking forward to more of crew call  


Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next episode

Very well produced and a nice addition to the TMTV library! I look forward to more episodes.

Georonn's picture

Really liking this series so far.  Great work guys.  And great concept too.  I really like how Bob is able to clearly articulate the reasons and the geographical drivers for his modeling.  It's sort of like what they tell young writers, "Write about what you know."  In this instance Bob models what he knows.  I can't wait for the next episode.

Nicely done. Looking forward to watching part 2.

Thanks guys for making quality videos.

really first rate program.  thanks

I'm pretty sure Bob Fallowfield and I may have been separated at birth, because his story of how he came to determine a prototype and what motivates him to model it parallels mine so closely.  I'm super impressed and inspired by his work, and I hope we get to see more soon.  I especially hope we'll get to see him participating on the MRH Forum, as I'd love to hear more from him.

Thank you TMTV for an outstanding new series.  This has instantly become my favorite.

Really enjoyed this episode! Looking forward to more. As a CN modeler only a pity he went to the dark side ;-)

Excellent video and subject. I've seen Bob's layout on FB and in crazy Jason Shron's Rapido videos but never knew the background behind his Galt Sub layout and his choice of CP to model. Bob's ideas behind his layout show the depth of planning that all of us should use when we develop our layouts. Trevor did a great job in the intro to this feature as well and I'll be looking for more "Crew Call" features in the coming months. Well done guys!!

I have to admit I haven't watched any TMTV recently, and was even considering not renewing, but this changed all that. 

Very well done. Bob is an excellent interview. Love the concept, looking forward to more. 


Enjoyed the video.  I can totally relate.  CN and CP yards were across the street from one another in my hometown (Prince Albert, SK).  Back in the 80's, I had my choice of GMD-1s, GP9s, GP38's, etc. on the CN, or RS23's on the CP.  The CP was always my favorite too.