2017-03.2: Loksound “Full Throttle” Steam Demo

14 Mar 2017

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25:59 - Mar 2017 Act II - Loksound “Full Throttle” Steam Demo (2017)

Matt Herman from ESU demonstrates the features of their newly-released “Full Throttle” steam sound decoder update.

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Impressive! ESU and Matt have done an outstading job of electronics to get the hands on feel of a "real" train under "real" terrian conditions. Too much fun! 


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A quick note:

The first of the Full Throttle Steam files is now available for public download on ESU's website. It's for SOO Line 1003 - a 2-8-2 - but can be used for many other locomotives as well. I'm using a beta version of this file in the CNR 1532 that's featured in this segment.

Remember, when additional Full Throttle Steam files are published, you can always re-download and install into your LokSound decoder. So you can use this file now, and when something more suitable comes available, you don't need to buy a new decoder - or even take apart your locomotive.

Here's a link that will take you to the steam sounds on ESU's website. Note only the SOO Line locomotive is Full Throttle at this point - as desginated by the "(FT)" at the end of the file name. There's a really good description of what's included, so be sure to click on the "more" link to see the full description.


Happy modeling!

- Trevor


Very nice review.  Like you, I am pretty excited about this decoder.

I know you did not have time to cover all the features, but I was wondering if the steam version (4) also includes an independent brake controlled by a function key?

Also,. and maybe I am jumping the gun here, but did you also install a keep alive?


John Gibson


Happy S scale day -- 3/16.  :-)

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Hi John:

Full Throttle Steam does include an independent brake. If you read through the description on the ESU web site (link in my previous comment - and follow the "more" link in the SOO Line file description), you'll see that there is indeed an independent brake.

Installing an electronic flywheel is something I do to all locomotives now. In this locomotive, there's an ESU PowerPack Mini. It is a three-wire power storage device, which allows the LokProgrammer to disconnect it electronically when programming a locomotive. Sometimes, power storage devices can interfere with writing to a decoder - ESU's version makes sure that can't happen. It's recommended that if using a two-wire version - with any decoder - that you include an off switch or a plug to take it out of the circuit when programming.

We'll look inside the locomotive in a future episode.


- Trevor

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From the ESU description at the link cited above:

"Independent brake: F10 by default 
Identical to the Full Throttle Diesel files this is a custom feature created by using logic inside sound slot 11. This allows for the locomotive to stop more quickly than its regular momentum would normally carry it. This one is pretty self-explanatory – just press the brake and come to a stop!"