2017-01.4: Loksound Decoder/Bowser Install

24 Jan 2017

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46:11 - Jan 2017 Act IV - Loksound Decoder/Bowser Install (2017)

In the December 2016 show, Matt Herman from ESU demonstrated how to load sound and data onto a LokSound Select decoder using their LokProgrammer (click here to watch).  In this follow-up episode, Matt does a complete install of the decoder and two speakers in a Bowser SD40-2.

Also see: Loksound Decoder Sound Loading



Please thank Matt for a very thorough install videoon the decorder and twin speakers. Once again thank you and TMTV.

Smokey Dawson      Australia


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Good to see another great installation....and a thorough explaination of the speaker boxes and installation. Well explained and great info. Thanks Trevor and Matt !


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Another great how to video. I especially liked learning more about the speakers. I am about to install new ESU decoders in two Atlas GP38s and one Kato SD40-2 using the cell phone style speakers and I want to use two wired in parallel. 

On a side note you two remind me of the Sonic Commercial guys! Enjoyed the video, keep up the great work!




Very informative segment.

What was the type or brand of glue used to assemble the speaker boxes?


John Gibson