2017-01.2: Narrow gauge niche

13 Jan 2017

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22:17 - Jan 2017 Act II - Narrow gauge niche (2017)

As a fan of eastern US narrow gauge, David Woodhead models a niche within a niche.     We wrap up this series of clinics on slim-gauge modelling with a discussion of “informed freelancing”.  What does it take to build a credible roster of locomotives and rolling stock for a railroad that never existed?  It requires more thought and research than one might think.

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I enjoyed David's presentation even though I model HO and attempt to represent a region in my home state in Australia. To some extent we all freelance a bit in trying to compress a representation of a region/ area/ period/ railroad (or as we would say in Oz, railway) into a limited space. My locomotives are faithful to the NSW government system but may be slightly out of period and the "geometry " of the arrangement of places is a best fit that suits me.

One recent project which embodied the "informed freelancing" concept was for a friend's layout where he wanted to use a German Fleischman tank loco (sentimental reasons). I installed DCC and repainted and weathered it to best represent a NSW style loco - dirty black, remnant lining and fictitious but appropriate (informed) numbers. It won't look out of place.

David's concept allows a lot of of freedom but with a common thread linking it all together so the end product will not be a totally bizarre mismatch. I liked Rick's perceptive comments and questions which helped the flow of the interview. My only reservation was when he started to handle the models and I have to say that my heart was in my mouth! I prefer to treat everybody else's models as museum pieces and avoid handling unless invited. There were a couple of bumps and one dropped boxcar that worried me. 

All up it was another excellent and informative MRH presentation and I will follow Rick's moderation with interest.

Many thanks, Rick Fletcher