2016-11.4: Decoder programming with JMRI

25 Nov 2016

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23:58 - Nov 2016 Act IV - Basic decoder programming with JMRI (2016)

Four little letters make for big possibilities in Digital Command Control: JMRI.  Ed Wilson from NCE discusses the basics of using JMRI software to program decoders, adjust CVs, roster your locomotives and even operate trains, using a PC or Mac computer.  He demonstrates how to download and install the JMRI freeware as well.

Series episodes include (click to watch)

1: Starting DCC with the Powercab

2: Expanding an NCE Powercab system

3: NCE Powercab system accessories

4. Basic decoder programming with JMRI (this episode)


Great little tutorial.  Look forward to more information on the more subtle opportunities with JMRI, including train operation from your mobile

Great informative video, I have already downloaded JMRI will pick up the NCE interface next week as I have NCE powercab.  One questionj can I use the coiled cab cable between the two boards ? Thanks again,  Zeke

 I'm up and running, boy does JMRI make it easy.  Zeke   And yes you can use the coiled cable

Good tutorial for the person gettiing started with JMRI. One point however, the scene with the camera showing the decoder being detected,  Decoder Pro shows that the model has an NCE Decoder (17:04). When the camera moves back to Ed where he's reading the screen to see what Decoder Pro thinks the decoder is he says it's a Digitrax (17:15).

A small error but overall a great video.

Very informative, thank you!

Nice intro to JMRI. Any chance of adding other brands of DCC (especially when they make of the system affects something in JMRI)?  Maybe a poll of which DCC systems TMTV users have?  (I'm a brand "D" user but that's because the train club I was a member of when I got into DCC used it)


Excellent review for me since it has been awhile since I last played with Decoder Pro.  I look forward getting into more of the options, tweakings, and CV controls that we have in this great program.  Thanks, Andy K.

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Perhaps one thing that should have been mentioned in the very beginning would be to verify that JAVA is installed on your computer and that it is a version that is compatible with the current version of JMRI. Some PCs may not have JAVA installed.

These video presentations are very helpful! Keep up the good work!

Regards, Ed