2016-11.3: Mike Fyten’s Kaw Valley RR

18 Nov 2016

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20:07- November 2016 Act III - Mike Fyten’s Kaw Valley Railroad (2016)

Smaller prototype railroads can provide the perfect jumping off point for a rewarding freelanced layout.  Mike Fyten’s S-scale Kaw Valley Railroad is loosely based on a “what-if” scenario, involving a long-gone interurban on the Missouri-Kansas state line.

Act IV: Decoder programming with JMRI ...

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A very nice railroad and very enjoyable video.  I really like how we got a very informative tour and Mike's thoughts as we went along. 

Thank you, Andy Keeney     

Hello Mike, indeed very nice and above all very plausible. A joy to watch. Thanks for sharing! Hans-Peter Nobel in Switzerland.

HO guy, and Happy to see this video.  The weathering of the freight cars, and locomotives are great.  The selection of structures, vehicles (the tractor machinery I Iike) and figures look very nice in the scene.  

Hector - TEXAS

Great layout, great video, very enjoyable! 



Great layout.  It's nice to see good work like this in scales other than "N" or "HO".  Joe awhile back in MRH you did a series about designing a layout for operation with a lot of measurements and math involved.  How about doing the same thing in video so that people may understand some of the concepts a little better?

Very enjoyable visit to well thought out railroad. One comment I'll make is the views of the KVRR paperwork: switch lists, car cards, waybills, etc.. Would like to see/hear comments about how the paperwork contibutes to the operational scheme. How do the car card/waybills relate to the switchlist, etc. I'm in the process of designing cards & waybills, etc. Info as this would be very helpfull in understanding how others deal with the flow of cafrs.



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Hang in there, Harry.  These are some of the subjects that we'll be covering in our new series called "Crew Call" on TMTV in 2017.

- Barry, TrainMasters TV producer/editor

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Really wonderful concept and it is really executed nicely, looks like a great railroad to operate. I love it!

John H,

Simi Valley, CA

Very well done Mike.  Sorry we didn't stick around the KC area.

Bob Dye

I have been on the fence about what scale to build my next layout in. Truth be told, I'm a pretty big rubber gauger. I have just about everything from 2R and 3R O, On30, S, HO, and N. I like them each for different reasons. There is no perfect scale for me, but S comes really close. It's a shame what has happened recently withthe S scale market. I really hope it makes a comeback. This video rekindled my desire to build in S over HO even given the limited equipment, structures, etc... I think the comment that it is just a little bigger than HO isn't quite accurate for someone who perhaps hasn't seen S. It may only be about 33% bigger, but that is 33% in every dimension. It is about 2 times the volume of HO so it definitely feels bigger. It's the smallest of the "big" scales if that makes any sense. I love it for the amount of detail you can get, but not taking as much room as O scale requires. Thanks for sharing! If anyone is interested in joining, there is an S scale Facebook group that has become quite popular: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Sscale/​ Come join the discussion. Share your stories, photos, and videos.