2016-10.2: NCE Powercab system accessories

13 Oct 2016

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17:27 - October 2016 Act II - NCE Powercab system accessories (2016)

In the third instalment of our series with Ed Wilson from NCE, he demonstrates “Nice to Have” accessories for your layout’s DCC system.

Series episodes include (click to watch)

1: Starting DCC with the Powercab

2: Expanding an NCE Powercab system

3: NCE Powercab system accessories (this episode)

4. Basic decoder programming with JMRI 

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Act III: Hand-laid curved turnouts ...

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I have a starter set and I am learning more with each video. Keep them coming. Would love to see a series with the Digitrax system.

Thank you for this very instructive videos by NCE. I enjoy the use of the Power Cab for more than 3 years - without any problem - and will soon upgrade to a bigger layout.

So it's nice to learn that the system simply "grows" in paralel.

I'm looking forward for the next video on the USB - PC linc to program decoders.

One video learns more than big manuals ! To "see" how it's done is a fine and quick learning method;

Thank you very much,