2016-09.2: Hand-laying a Turnout with a fixture

11 Sep 2016

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36:57 - Sept 2016 Act II - Hand-laying with Fast Tracks fixture (2016)

Pierre Oliver demonstrates the basics of constructing a #6 turnout using Fast Tracks fixtures and tools.  

Also see part 2: Handlaying curved turouts.

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Excellent video.  It answered several questions I had.  This is definitely something I want to do on my next layout.


It is so easy to build turnouts with the fixtures. I've successfully build double crossovers and slip-switches with the fixtures and they work flawlessly. I first tried without the fixtures and ended up throwing the turnouts away.

A tip, build the frog AFTER you install the points as it makes building the points easier. This is the order I make them in;

1. guard rails but don't install

2. Stock rails

3. Curved then straight Points

4. Frog

5. Install guard rails

6. Switch tie

Takes me about 20 minutes for a switch now

Per the documents that you can download from Fast Tracks web site, I pre-build my frogs and solder them together then set them aside until needed after the points are installed.

That allows you to just drop them in and move up or back to get NMRA clearance at gaps with point rail frog flanges.



If you are thinking of building single or double switches then buy just the double crossover fixture.

That one fixture will allow you to build both single right or left crossovers, a double crossover and both standard left or right hand turnouts.

It just takes a bit of planning by using the Quick Stick template to show exactly which slots will be needed and then place those PC ties in and build.



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When I bought my fixtures I went partners with a friend. He bought #4 tournout and a #6 curved turnout. 

I bought a # 5 Double crossover. With this Double Crossover I can build Right or Left Crossover as well as a #5 Turnout R&L plus it also does a Crossing Diamond and of course a Double Crossover. We also bought a Railroller. The Railroller is invaluable and it takes the guesswork out of bending rail.

So between us we can make a total of ten different tournouts.

Ralph Renzetti (CN6401)


I model n-scale and I have used every commercial turnout available.  None compare to the Fast Track turnouts I have built.  They have virtually elimated derailments on turnouts whether going forward or when backing.  If you are using DCC to control your loco's, their turnouts have no dead spots, so your trains will run smoothly through the turnout.  

I highly recommend watching Fast Track video's on their web site.  Their video on soldering is a must for all model railroaders whether you build turnouts or not.   


I loved seeing Rick Green. Some of the best entertainment I've seen throughout the last bunches of years has been the Red Green show!

Fasttracks is awesome. Can't get any better quality turnouts than these.