2016-07.5: Bonus - Hunterline Bridge Kits

05 Jul 2016

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23:22 - July 2016 Bonus - Hunterline Bridge Kits (2016)

The Backshop Clinic Live! is a TMTV series featuring presentations recorded at model train shows.  In this segment, Rick Hunter from Hunterline discusses their line of N/HO/S/O-scale bridge kits.

URL: hunterline.com


Great idea but more "how to content" would make this better. The bridges that were discussed in this episode look fascinating. rather than focus solely on "what's in this packet" a little on how to put them together/weather/whatever. The theme of this one was these kits should not be intimidating. Fine. Show me,

I think that some "how to content" would be a terrific subject for another episode. I was very happy with this episode, and learned a lot from listening to Rick expound on his great kits. Kudos to TMTV and to Trevor for these "live" episodes.....very well done!


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Hunterline makes me proud to be Canadian! What great products and well explained video. I love Trevor Marshall. He is one skilled modeler. I am reasured after seeing this video that I should be able to build one of these beauties! Can't wait to order and build one. Thanks Rick Hunter and Trevor Marshall.

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Hi Everyone:

Thanks for the positive feedback on the live format. You would not believe how many takes it took me to nail that opening. I now have massive respect for anybody who can deliver lines while walking down a hallway and wearing a sweater ...


- Trevor

On videos demonstrating specific vendor products a direct, clickable link to their website could be included in some way.  Forgive me if there already is one and I'm just not perceptive enough to find it or recognize it.