2016-05.5: ESU/Loksound Decoder tip >Aha moment<

27 May 2016

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3:53 - May 2016 Bonus - ESU/Loksound Decoder tip (2016)

Matt Herman from ESU visits the set of DCC Decoded in the TrainMasters TV studio with this great bit of aha moment insight for getting silky smooth performance from your locomotives with Loksound decoders.  Watch TrainMasters TV for more clinics with Matt, including a demonstration of ESU’s newly-released “Full Throttle” sound. FREE to view for all.

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Is this automatic calibration feature only available on ESU LokSound decoders with V 4.0 software?

We will try to get an answer from Matt on this, but in our reseach online, we can find references to this feature as far back as 2011, so it's at least 5 years old.

I've been out of the hobby for at least 20 years but after hearing your sound decoders, I was reeled back in.  Your GP9 sound file immediately brought back memories of watching a B&M GP switching the iudustry near my home as a child.