2016-04.1: Wireless Dead Rail loco control

08 Apr 2016

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18:11 - Apr 2016 Act I - Wireless Dead Rail control (2016)

Dead Rail or “Cold Rail”, wireless control and battery power for locomotives is new territory for many of us in the model railroad hobby.  This month in The Backshop Clinic, Miles shows off a loco project that uses a Deltang receiver and a battery.

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Very interesting segment.  Miles, you mentioned you couldn't use a Flea because it's no longer made.  What about a Stanton Drive?


Where can a purchase a motor like the one Miles used on the Grandt Line box cab?  Sounds like an inexpensive source for slow speed motors. 

A good replacement for a flea is the Bull Ant made by Hollywood Foundry (Australia). Google Bull Ant for thief web site. They will build it to your specs/scale. Price is about the same as a Flea was.

Yes, a Stanton drive would be good to use.

The internet provides some of these motors at some very good prices as does the  Ron's Narrow Gauge site. The draw back is that you must then design the rest of the drive train.

This would be a very goo solution bcause it is a drop in drive that would make the remotoring much easier.