2016-03.5: Gauging trucks and couplers

31 Mar 2016

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16:22 - March 2016 Bonus - Gauging trucks and couplers (2016)

Miles Hale returns to TrainMasters TV to host this new bonus series:  "Back to the Workbench".  He’s bringing you tips from his basement workshop as he builds his layout.  This month: Tips for gauging wheels and couplers. Even hobby experts may learn a thing or two!

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Just great.  Can't wait for the next installment!


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Great video Miles!  Covers things I already knew, but a great refresher for sure.  The graphite and filing the coupler faces are things I've not considered before and will definitely try.  Looking forward to the next video.

"Until next time, take some time and let your trains put a smile on your face."   I like that -- it should be your tag line from now on. 




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I can't imagine the time you put into making your props!  However, they sure show exactly what you're trying to convey.  Thanks so much for your efforts.


Outstanding!!  Thanks for info and am looking forward to the following shows.


As usual, Miles, a great video that is very helpful and well presented.




Great video as always.  I would like to see you do a video regarding your workbench organization.  How you have things set up, the reason that you have things set up the way you do and what tools you find most useful, etc.



A person never stops learning.  After many years in building models,  I did not know about the "opposite" end of the coupler guage showing the required height of the freight car bottom.  Keep it up guys.

After over 30 years in this hobby, it's still fun to learn new things: the coupler gauge with its hidden treasures along with the several simple ways to point out derailment problems so one cannot forget to address them--all great. 

The bonus in this video is seeing how organized Miles' workbench is! Like James mentioned above, this is material for another excellent video!

Pete V

Miles, excellent reminders and a few points on the KaDee gauge that I forgot  I built a test track on a piece of 1x4 with two coupler height gauges one at each end and a rerailer to make putting cars on easier  I have an 18 point car inspection before it goes on the railroad and use markets to locate potential car or track problems. I will be referring people to this video link.

Hi Miles.

I was wondering what gauge to use for checking the couplers on On30 equipment. I know that the couplers are HO (EZ-mate from Bachmann) but are they at the same height as HO? Also, in another episode you discussed the NMRA-gauge for wheels and so forth. I can't find any for On30. I'd like to be sure that I have enough clearance between the tracks... I know that I can use one for HO for the wheels and track.

Best regards

Steen from Sweden.

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I Googled NMRA On30 gauge and quite a lot of them poped up from various online shops, eBay and directly from the NMRA shop. I use HOn3 and HOn30 myself, however the NMRA does have the standard On30 template on their website. Walther's also sells them - Walthers Part # 98-9

Thanks skyshooter

I will get one from Walhers or directly from NMRA