2016-01.6: Atlas GP-38 LokSound decoder install

26 Jan 2016

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84:52 - Jan 2016 Bonus 2 - GP-38 LokSound decoer install (2016)

Matt Herman from ESU performs a start-to-finish install of a LokSound Select Direct decoder in an Atlas GP-38 (hard-wire in a total board replacement). We’ve divided this extended-length clinic into three parts to make it easier to stream/download in several sessions.

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•Disassembly and old board removal (34:17)

•Motor control and lights install/test (27:19)

•Sound install and test (23:16)

Image of LokSound Select Direct showing location of soldering bridge pads (click to enlarge) ...
Full sized view of LokSound Select Direct decoder


Tbgarland's picture

Thanks for adding these videos. I have two Atlas GP38s that need sound decoders. I was going to pay someone to do this work for me but now that I've seen these videos I believe I'll tackle the project myself. 

Thanks again TMTV!

Tim Garland

Excellent video. Lots of info and tips.

Absolutely awesome!!!!


Thank you for this series!