2016-01.4: Siskiyou Line shakedown

28 Jan 2016

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14:14 - Jan 2016 Act IV - Siskiyou Line open house, part 1 (2016)

Joe Fugate’s Siskiyou Line is over two decades old, but for the past three years he hasn’t had the opportunity to do much work on it.  With a National Model Railroad convention coming to town he has just a few days left to get it up and running for layout-tour guests to enjoy.  What seemed like a simple endeavour turns out to be more challenging than he imagined. This is part 1, to watch part 2, click here.

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Bonus 1: Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 3

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I really enjoyed this video and would like to see more along the same lines as this one.

Good to see your layout Joe, you have some very nice scenery and locos.

Very useful to see the trouble-shooting session as these are problems we are all bound to run into. I am sure we are all interested in the cures!            

Andrew Thompson

I feel your pain, Joe!!  I decided to start running an op session at least once a month after an almost half year hiatus, and have started scheduling them ahead a few months after the intial 8 hour Saturday session on my birthday on Jan 30th.  It was great having a basement full of friends with me on my special day and I think that they all had fun!! ;-)

But there sure was a lot of getting ready and after the session, the first thing that I decided that I needed to do is to get a fair share of the locos running better, especially the consisted ones.

I watched your video on using JMRI Decoder Pro to setup the engines and took notes as to what you do.  Being that I haven't really opened up the program and used it, have things changed much from your original video from several years back?  Are the CV values that you used still a good starting point?

Thank you for TMTV, it is my favorite place to go on the web and I really appreciate the quality of your videos and the help they have been.  You knocked the ball out of the park with Mike Confalone's new weathering series!! 

Best, Andy Keeney ( The Nashville Road )

joef's picture

The DecoderPro interface has changed quite a bit from my video back in 2005 - after all, it's been 11 years (can you believe it) ...

The big change is selecting a loco - once you get inside to the panels, that is still pretty similar, so the CV settings ought to work as a starting point.

Okay, thanks Joe.  I'm looking forward to getting into it and getting all fleet set correctly.


Best, Andy K.  

Ken's picture

It's funny, the second Joe started talking about how to find the bad car in the train, I said "Binary Sort" just as he said it. I remember my dad teaching me about that back when I was in high school. It's amazing how well some jobs translate to model railroading.

I'm looking forward to part two.

Ken Biles


P Hanzlik's picture

it was cool and informative to see what happens behind the scenes.  Good job on content   love this site