2016-01.2: Fired Up: Oiling, watering, fueling

15 Jan 2016

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9:58 - Jan 2016 Act II - Fired Up: Oiling, watering, fueling (2015)

Explore the world of small-scale live steam with Fired up! Jeff and Trevor discuss the oiling, watering and fueling procedures as they prepare a live steam locomotive for operation. This is part four of six.

Fired up bonus extra video short - New sausage:
Sausages and Steam!
Episode 1: Into to garden live steam
Episode 2: Buying your first loco
Episode 3: Fuels and safety

Episode 4: This video ...
Episode 5: Lighting the fire
Episode 6: Ending the run

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I am really enjoyed this series.  I definately learned a whole bunch of stuff I had no idea about.  Jeff and Trevor were great toghether on screen.  Trevor asked intelligent, thoughfull, engaging questions and Jeff's answers were clear and understandable.  Their interest in the subject matter really shows though to engage the viewer.

Thanks for producing this series Trainmasters.



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Hi Ryan:

Thanks for the kind words. I know you're in our area - we'll have to get you out to a steam-up sometime. As an engineer (like Jeff), I think live steam would appeal to your professional capabilities.


- Trevor

I have been enjoying this series, and particularly love the way you finish up with "bangers 'n buns"! It combines two of the great loves of my life, namely steam and food. Perhaps you could even salute a special guest loco with a nice rib-eye steak?



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Hi Andrew:
Thanks for the comment. While there were only two of us on this series, we really hoped to convey just how social this aspect of the hobby can be. There's nothing better, hobby-wise, than enjoying a nice day in a pleasant backyard, with good food and friends - and trains.
- Trevor

It would be neat to see the oiling-around, firing up, raising steam, and running adjustements process for a larger, say, 7.5" gauge model locomotive. Is that something you considered, or would it be outside the scope of this series? 

Locomotives of 7.5" gauge (ride on scales) are outside of the scope of this series. I can tell you however, the process of raising steam, oiling up, etc. are very similar. Raising steam (either with propane or coal) just takes a lot longer...


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Hi Ben:

As Jeff has noted, it's outside the scope of this series. We'd need a much bigger garden...


- Trevor