2015-12.5: Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 2

12 Dec 2015

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40:25 - Dec 2015 Bonus - Weathering with Gary Christensen, pt 2 (2015)

Gary Christensen is a member of The Weathering Shop and is known worldwide for his beautifully-weathered models of rolling stock.  He sat down at Joe Fugate's dining room table to share his techniques.  This segment - "Collecting dust and grime" - is part two of a series.

You can view the caboose photo we worked from on this webpage. The photo is by Doyle Davis.

Gary has provided a list of materials for this project:

1. Dull Cote in a small can
2. Alpha Color pastel sticks (Earth tones)
3. Ceremacote Craft acrylic paint (Terra Cotta)
4. Graham & Co. Oil paints ( transparent orange oxide and titanium white)
5. Soft sable haired brushes of various sizes and widths. The brushes are pretty much left to the discretion of the artist that is weathering. There are numerous sizes of brushes for certain area duties of each weathering project.

This complete video series consists of:
- Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 1
- Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 2 (this video)
Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 3


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espeelover's picture

Outstanding second part. Quite instructive and I'm gaining quite a lot of new ideas to add to my weathering arsenal. Please keep these coming!

Coming soon ... an 8 part series on rolling stock weathering without an airbrush by Mike Confalone. It's not Gary, but it's still awesome weathering techniques - over 6 hours of instruction coming soon to TMTV.

We're also in discussions with more of the Weathering Shop guys and having them come on camera ... stay tuned!

coyoteww's picture

Excellent series ! Gleaning a LOT of information from these.


espeelover's picture

Mike's stuff is very good, so don't even begin to make excuses; both guys are awesome. The only thing about Gary is he's into SP and western dirt, but my other "Jones" is all about back east stuff, PC and CR mostly, but its all good really. If I wasn't modeling my own private all Alco RR in Arizona, I'd be modeling Mingo Junction when CR first got going; another Alco haven.  

You can't post too much of either guys work to suit me. Oh, and I stopped using airbrushes for weathering once I found weathering powders and pastels.


John H.

This is why I subscribe to this channel.  I love watching people who have a passion for creating realism. I can't get enough of these great techniques. I look forward many more videos from these true artists and strive one day to have a fraction of their skills. 

Tbgarland's picture

This is such a fun series to watch! One of the most informative I've seen. I'm already planning on using the same techniques on two of my Walthers 2-bay NS Aggregate Hoppers. Two questions Joe...Did Gary get a chance to run his great looking SP equipment on your layout during his visit and is there anyway you could get him to weather an Athearn Genesis SP GP38-2 for you and make a video blog of it like this SP caboose?


Tim Garland

so the complete name of the two oil paints is?

One was the transparent orange, but I did not get the brand name.

The other was white, but is it also transparent, who makes the white? Is it titanium white?

Thanks in advance.

Bill B.

Bill B........  I had to go back in the video myself and listen for the names of the paints.  I got---Graham&Co oil paints, made in Oregon.       Transparent Orange Iron Oxide and Titanium White.

Looking forward to trying Gary's techniques. .........


Amazing work and excellent high quality material being shown on TMTV!  Also, being a big fan of the SP I especially appreciate Gary and Joe showcasing the mighty SP!


The paint is M Graham oil paint, here's a link to the orange on Amazon: http://amzn.com/B001JPKPCS

Likewise Titanium White, also by M Graham. You can find that on Amazon here: http://amzn.com/B00133USQY


I think this is a better link

Transparent Orange


Titanium White


--Bill B.

I liked all that I saw on the video. Gary does a fantastic job but I was wondering about the ends of the car. Is there any thing special about weathering them or are they left as is? I would also like to see alittle more of his work. Thanx for the oppuritunity to say my thoughts. Steve

Absolutely fantastic. Both this and part I taught me a lot. I have an airbrush but don't use it a lot because it's a pain to setup and then clean up after. Thanks for showing techniques that don't require it.

That trick with the orange and white is both amazing and cool. Can't wait to try it.


Outstanding video, Gary does a good job of explaining everything as he goes along. Constructive criticism: you need another light shining from his right-hand side to alleviate the shadow problems when he is working on the foam cradle.

Glad I took advantage of the New Year sale to purchase 1 year+3 months free, looking forward to the next installment.

Cheers, Tommo