2015-11.5: Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 1

30 Nov 2015

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35:05 - Nov 2015 Bonus - Weathering with Gary Christensen, pt 1 (2015)

Gary Christensen is a member of The Weathering Shop and is known worldwide for his beautifully-weathered models of rolling stock.  He sat down at Joe Fugate's dining room table to share his techniques.  This segment - "Making the Fade" - is part one of a series.

You can view the caboose photo we worked from on this webpage. The photo is by Doyle Davis.

Gary has provided a list of materials for this project:

1. Dull Cote in a small can
2. Alpha Color pastel sticks (Earth tones)
3. Ceremacote Craft acrylic paint (Terra Cotta)
4. Graham & Co. Oil paints ( transparent orange oxide and titanium white)
5. Soft sable haired brushes of various sizes and widths. The brushes are pretty much left to the discretion of the artist who is weathering. There are numerous sizes of brushes for certain area duties of each weathering project.

This complete video series consists of:
- Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 1 (this video)
Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 2
Weathering with Gary Christensen, part 3

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CN6401's picture

Garry, Your work has always captured my attension all the way back to MTW days. Seeing this, will hopefully get even more people to try weathering. 

Now there is an additional method here on TMTV for people to try.


Ralph Renzetti (CN6401)

Gary, awesome to see your techniques on film. Have really enjoyed your online sharing of techniques and this just adds so much. Can't wait for more

Good to see Joe back in front of the camera too!!

Thanks again


Gold Coast, Australia


All I can say is WOW, I loved this video! I think this is my favorite one so far, plenty of fantastic tips and advice and for someone like me who has little to no experience in weathering this has inspired me.

Not to mention the cars I plan to work on are almost an identical color to that box car (V/Line louvered vans) .

What was also great to see was Joe who has just about as much experience in the hobby as anyone else was so intently interested in what Gary was doing, absolutely fantastic and inspirational stuff.

Thank you Gary and Joe

Luke Towan


Great stuff! I can't wait to see the other installments.


Are the three coats of diluted paint only a fading step? If one were weathering a blue or green car would a diluted paint in those colors be used? When applying the chalk powders are the colors representative of the type of dirt and grime that is being reproduced? Thanks for the tips and techniques. You've motivated me to try my hand at weathering some equipement.


Great question, Ed. Let's track down Gary and get an answer for you posted on here!

mecovey's picture

Good stuff! Looking forward to the additional installments. Any chance this could become a regular feature on TMTV?  With all the different types of cars, terrain, age and original car color there are many many variations that could be demonstrated.

There's going to be several parts (and many more techniques) coming from Gary ... and then we expect to release several parts from Mike Confalone on weathering rolling stock and locos (several different examples) without using an airbrush. Plus, we're talking with the Weathering Shop guys about doing more on TMTV too ... so lots of weathering how-to's coming!

In a lot of ways, you'll get your wish with what we already have in production - with more to come if we can manage to get the guests to agree to appear.

I've been excited to see this video ever since i saw the promo in MRH. Not only is it great to see Joe back in front of the camera but he's there with one of my favorite weathering artists. I will have to watch the videos numerous times so I can learn these great techniques! I will also be waiting for every installment, I have weathered my own rolling stock and locomotives and have been fortunate to have also done this work for friends. Having Gary on is such a treat, I am also curious as to how Gary applies this base to different colored freight cars as well.



 Totalally awesome to the Maxxx. I bought an Athearn Gensesi cotton belt  caboose I will use this as a guide to weather.

This should be worth the price of admission alone.

Tom G

Gary answered the question of what he does with other colors of cars and locos ... see his answer here on the MRH discussion thread for this video:


wafflebox306's picture

Two thumbs up!  Can't wait for the following segments!

Tbgarland's picture

Joe, Gary...

Now this is the type of video that puts TMTV over the top. Absolutely amazing and very informative. Gary is a great artist in the modeling community and it was awesome seeing him work on TMTV. If I was you Joe I'd invite him over often. He could weather your fleet for the Siskiyou Line! I hope when you finish you will make a video of the caboose traveling over your layout too.

Hope you make this a regular series.

Tim Garland

Another great video! Thank you guys. 

espeelover's picture

Most interesting video. A subject near and dear to my heart actually. More importantly, content worth keeping my subscription current. I'm new here, a first time subcriber to TrainMasters TV. Your "holiday" promo sucked me in, and the Allagash Rwy content made the cost of admission worthwhile to this customer (more please, can we have some more sir?). But after a few days, I was pretty much out of things which interested me ( I'm an insomniac and a binge watcher, who needs sleep?). This weathering video was a great addition and I hope the segments are not too far apart in coming. 

Overall, I wish to say "well done" on this TMTV venture, and bravo on a good portion of the content. I like the layout tours the best, those filmed from a railfans viewpoint are particulary good. The Allagash Ops stuff was fun as well. This weathering tips vid is like the icing on the cake.

Thank You!

John H.

TMTV Station Agent's picture

Thanks for the feedback, John.    You'll be pleased to hear that there's another weathering clinic coming up in the next week.  I too wish that we had the time and resources to air a new segment five days a week.  We could do it, but that would cost subscribers about 30 bucks a month!

In the meantime, pace yourself!   :)



TrainMasters TV producer

Finally a video series that is excellent on weathering - so much so that I'm finally ready to try my hand at weathering my rolling stock.  Very well done!  Thank you, Trainmaster!

I am so glad to hear TMTv is focusing a series on weathering. It is only by watching that I have truly understood various weathering techniques. Once I understand the technique, only then do I feel comfortable in experimenting with it to achieve the results I need. I cannot get to shows and conventions as often as I would like. TMTv brings the shows and clinics right to my modeling bench! I like the style of a friend visiting to share their skill with you that this video has, even as it continues the high level of production. 



Gary ... well done, man!  

If you have a car with decals, can you use one of those pointy tip Q-Tip makeup applicators, or a micro brush - slightly dampened - to remove the powders from the letters and herald?  

I am assembling a Walthers Caboose kit, making it a NYC ... of course with decals ... and after it is painted and decaled, I definitely want to weather it.  Your suggestion about my idea for removing powder from the decals?  

Also, I prefer using Krylon Matte Acrylic sealer instead of the Dullcoat Lacquer spray.  Will this work here?

Thanks in advance!