2015-10.4: George Sellios F&SM update

30 Oct 2015

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27:09 - Oct 2015 Act IV - George Sellios F&SM update (2015)

Ask any model railroader for a list of railroads they'd like to visit, and you'll probably find the Franklin and South Manchester near the top.  We visit with the the FSM's creator George Sellios and catch up on 50 years of modelling excellence.

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I've been waiting for this segment ever since Joe annouced a vist with George Selios. Someday I hope to visit this layout in person. Such an inspiration.


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Yes, I've seen this layout in person more than once, and it gives you sensory overload, there's so much exquisite detail *everywhere*. It's an amazing layout and I feel priviledged to get to see it in person.

--Joe Fugate

Awesome!  Nothing else to say.


George's layout can be classified as a "national treasure" I hope it can stay intact once George takes his last train ride, better stll, perhaps God will grant him immortal status. He has been an outstanding ambassador for the hobby for as long as I've in interested in it, (approaching 40 years). I hope George gets to enjoy his layout for many more years!

Hey!  The highest rating I can give this is still '5' - there should be an '11' !!  Really nice job showcasing George and his layout.


WOW, just WOW! I watched it twice. What a piece of art. Great job on the tapping, I was like gone within the first couple of minutes, off to Harry Potter land. Anyone needing some inspiration should just watch this Video.



A truly remarkable legacy of a master craftsman. It's about time some concrete plans were made for the preservation of this layout, we would hate to be in the same position as we are with John Allen's Gorre and Daphetid. If saved, I am sure it will continue to impress for generations to come.

Beautiful and inspirational. Should be required viewing for all model railroader and hobbyists.