2015-10.2: Intro to garden scale live steam

18 Oct 2015

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18:22 - Oct 2015 Act II - New exclusive series: Fired Up! (2015)

Explore the world of small-scale live steam with Trevor Marshall and Jeff Young.  This 6-part series will showcase live steam in the backyard give you plenty of information to get started in this fascinating segment of the hobby.  This is part one of six.

Fired up bonus extra video short:
Sausages and Steam
Episode 1: This video ...
Episode 2: Buying your first loco

Episode 3: Fuels and safety
Episode 4: Oiling, watering, fueling
Episode 5: Lighting the fire
Episode 6: Ending the run

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Act III: Blue box handrail upgrade on Notch 8 ...

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tpmarshall's picture

As you'll note, we've added a short Bonus video to this episode, called "Sausages and Steam" - in which Jeff and I enjoy a bit of post-segment barbecued goodness and run a train. It's our tribute to the highly social nature of the "live steam in the garden" niche of this hobby.

We will include one of these after each episode of Fired Up!, featuring a different sausage/mustard combination and a different locomotive in steam.

Enjoy if you watch!