2015-08.3: Blue box" chassis upgrade

21 Aug 2015

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27:05 - Aug 2015 Act III - "Blue box" Overland chassis upgrade (2015)

We're revved up with a new TrainMasters TV exclusive series!   Trevor Marshall hosts, with techniques for super-detailing, painting and weathering locomotives and rolling stock from award-winning modelers from across North America.  In our first segment, Efram Ellenbogen upgrades an Athearn "blue box" SD40-2 with a Overland brass chassis.  There's more to it than just swapping out the old mechanism, and he has some great tips for making the transition go smoothly.

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tpmarshall's picture

But what's with the boring shirt that I'm wearing? ;-)

I really enjoyed hosting Efram for this series. He's a natural on the camera and really knows his stuff. I'm looking forward to doing more segments of Notch 8 with him.

Thanks, Barry, for putting this series together. The set looks awesome, too!

- Trevor

What an impressive first show. Trevor does his usual great job communicating, but I’m also super impressed with Efram. He is very articulate with a very nice, approachable manner. And the comprehensive explanations are fantastic. Loved the great graphics, too.

I’m excited to see where this series goes. Great idea, great execuation, all-around super thumbs up!

Scott Thornton




coyoteww's picture

This is what Trainmasters TV is all about ! Very precise and informative instructions on how to do an chassis changeout. Takes all the fear out of re-powering my older locomotives that I need to convert over to DCC and upgrade to newer can motors. Can't wait for the next installment. This is a great addition to the TVTV lineup !


A great host and guest. Excellent show. I was disapointed in Trevor's shirt however. :)

Bob Ross ... still influencing modelers and artists of all ages!!

Super job guys!  Love to see folks tackling and explaining complicated and making it seem less scary.  Can't wait to see more of Efram's work!

What a treat - the expert (Trevor) switching roles as the host for another expert in a superb video! This is the way they should be done; with informative narrative in an easy-to-listen to style. Efram does a truly great job of explaining the various points of the project, and inspires confidence in his advice by letting you know that it was gained from hands-on experience. So, if he says to hold something together before removing the screws, he's speaking from experience! Also, the camerawork was very well done, with closeups of the small details and work involved. So, Efram, Trevor, and the rest of the capable video crew - terrific segment all around!  Can't wait to see the upcoming segments in this series, and whatever else you've got planned for one of the best ideas so far for TMTV!

(Honestly, Trevor, I really didn't pay too much attention to the shirt - was it really that bad??!) ( LOL)


Great first set. Looking forward to more of this series. I learned a lot and hope to employ some of the tips you shared.

Thomas Gasior

Tbgarland's picture

Very interesting and entertaining! I am looking forward to what this show will bring in future episodes. Please include one on airbrushing a new paint job on a Diesel Locomotive and adding realistic weathering using multiple methods. Also one on adding LEDs, Working Ditchlights and DCC Sound.


Tim Garland


Well done gentlemen. Looking forward to the series.

John S

tpmarshall's picture

Hi Tim:

Thanks for the feedback. We certainly plan to do segments on painting, weathering and lighting. It's all part of the process.

As for DCC and Sound, keep in mind that there's already a series on TrainMasters about this - DCC Decoded will answer most of your questions (and if you have more, let us know because they could form the basis for future segments). Check the video library.

Thanks for watching. Cheers!

- Trevor

Excellent presentation!  These types of "How to's" are the reason I subscribed. More please.  And I have to say that this video should be the gold standard for guests and moderators. 

With appreciation,


J. Scott

philw2015's picture

Efram really knows his stuff. Like this notch 8 and looking fowared to all that Efram has to show us

Phi w.