2015-08.2: Modeling brick/stone

15 Aug 2015

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22:35 - Aug 2015 Act II - Don Railton models brick/stone (2015)

Artist Don Railton returns to The Backshop Clinic to demonstrate his method for carving brick and stone in high-density styrofoam.

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tpmarshall's picture

it was such a treat working with Don on this segment. He's very talented and a really nice guy. even though I was there, I enjoyed watching this and seeing how our day in the studio turned out!

Georonn's picture

Great job guys.  While I model in HO, so I don't think I will be carving brick in foam, cinder block walls might be doable in HO.  And I'm sure I can apply the coloring techniques to my modeling on plastic brick structures.

TMTV Station Agent's picture

Certainly it would be difficult to carve HO-scale brick, but I can see opportunities to use this technique to make stone bridges and retaining walls, and maybe even bridge piers and abutments.

Carve all four walls as one piece so all the horizontal lines match up. Excellent video. I am going to try this tomorrow.


wafflebox306's picture

Very cool! I'm definitely going to try this technique. Totally diggin' it! But not so much Trevor's shirt! LOL Maybe the MRH family should chip in a couple bucks and buy a shirt for the man! Keep up the good work fellas!

tpmarshall's picture

Not everybody can rock the shirts like I can! And I'm certain one's choice of shirt doesn't affect the modeling so I'll continue to be fashion-forward. Like this guy:


That said, I was pulled - kicking and screaming - into a MRH golf shirt for some of the videos in the new detailing series. A moment of weakness I guess.

Glad you liked the video regardless.



Oh no! How will we tell you and Lionel apart? Another great episode. I am going to try and carve a river rock chimney for a structure I am working on.  Don's work is very inspiring. Look forward to more of his artistry  

Hello, very beautiful work !

What is the white product for joints ?


Michel - The white product is DAP Vinyl Spackling.


wafflebox306's picture

You and I can only wish we had the wardrobe Picard has!  LOL

Keep up the good work!