2015-08.1: Pete Smith's Loon Lake Rwy (2015)

07 Aug 2015

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13:48 - Aug 2015 Act I - Pete Smith's Loon Lake Rwy (2015)

The Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Company is a railroad that could have been.  Pete Smith and his friends have been working on this Sn3 beauty for over 16 years. Bonus: Watch more footage of the Loon Lake Railway here!

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Also in the August show:
- The Backshop Clinic:  Modeling brick and stone, with Don Railton
- Ken's Roundhouse:  The HiAd truck
- And a new series on super-detailing, painting and weathering locomotives and rolling stock!

Bonus content:
- DCC Decoded:  Train Control Systems' WOW Sound diesel decoder demo
- Running footage of Pete Smith's Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Company

Act II: Don Railton on modeling stone/brick ...

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Track Plan (click to enlarge):
Don Railton's fanatastic bait shop diorama


What a beautifully done layout.  A very enjoyable tour. 

Best, Andy Keeney

Is a track plan of Pete Smith's Loon Lake Rwy available in MRH?


We just posted a track plan as part of the description.

Most videos put me to sleep -- I watched this one all the way through and enjoyed the owner's ideas and insights.

" WOW " , Simply brilliant . What a wonderfully built layout, just inspirational work by Pete and his mates, how great is this hobby that friends of all walks of life

are brought together with one theme shared in common Model Trains, hobbies just dont get any better !!!! What a  better way to present this magnificent layout than to

professionally film it to present to us the, viewer  10/10 to you also Trainmasters TV !!!

Warflight's picture

See? This is my dream for a layout. I wanted to do "Old West", but got flack from some friends, because I wanted to include a Delorean in the Blacksmith's shop, and a TARDIS behind the saloon... and the buildings I gravitated for were more "Westerns" then "West"...

I felt for the longest time, that I had to "Rivet Count"... that a layout that wasn't some sort of prototype, even if it made ME happy, would bring me nothing but scrorn, and that "nobody" is doing such a thing... then, someone on the MRH board suggested something wild, and crazy. They showed me a video on the makings of the Lone Ranger movie, and how they built a complete town, AND railroad for their studio set! I mean, there are short lines that are smaller than this movie set! (okay, "short line... singular... and that might not be completely accurate)

So I'm modeling a Hollywood set, if anyone asks.

In reality, I am freelancing a layout that has things that interest me. Things that excite me. My layout... my world... if I want something fantasy, or Steampunk in it, I'll have it. If I want to paint AT&SF cars to match my green Southern Engines, then I'll do it! It isn't a history project... it's a train layout, and it's still model railroading, as I plan on accuracy in the most anacronistic way possible. My TARDIS, and Delorean are prototype to the actual props... my engines are prototype to engines found in the backlots of studios I've worked at. My Combines have the seats in them backwards on purpose, because the set designers did it that way, because they didn't know any better!

(now to find a nice HO scale "Film Crew", and a Craft Services truck to place in an out of the way corner of the set)