2015-05.2: TMTV May 2015 Edition - Act II

11 May 2015

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35:06 - May 2015 Act II - Urban scenery (2015)

In the final instalment of Back to the Basement, Miles Hale tackles an urban scenery project on his layout, with techniques for building, painting and detailing street scenes.

Act III: Trevor takes his modules to a Free-mo show ...

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            Miles, i enjoyed your clinic on street and sidewalks very much. I found it quite informative.  I just had several questions to ask. what thickness was the plastic you used on the street and where did you get thre large sheets. Also where did you get the gator board for your project. I noticed was it pre primed from another colour.  Would ashphalt steets be painted a flat black  and lightly sanded after to obtain the aged look.  Again a great watch.  Patrick Rivard.

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Great episode Miles.  I am struggling with the size of the buildings to the size of the details being added.  For example the doors to the buildings appear to be a scale 12' or 14' tall.  Even the second story windows are taller than the people in the scene.  Is everything used 1/48th inch to the foot?  Or is it just the lens and perspective from the camera angle that is throwing me off?   Of course, modeling in HO myself (and getting older too), everything looks large in O scale.  George Ronn

Where can I find the full set of videos to watch please? I would like to view the entire set from start to finish...

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You can find the first episode in the July 2014 show:  http://trainmasters.tv/videos/2014-07-4-tmtv-july-2014-edition-act-iv

Except for a short break in early 2015, they ran every month until May of that year.


Where can I find the full set of videos to watch please? I would like to view the entire set from start to finish...

At the top of the video description there is a link for the series under video type. Click that link to get the entire series - all the videos. The list is in chronological order, with the newest episode at the top. To watch them in order, go to the bottom of the list and work your way up.

Was this video (May 2015) the last in the "Back to the basement" series?

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Yes, May 2015 was the last episode, although we should get Miles to do a follow up one of these days.