2015-04.5: TMTV April 2015 Edition - Bonus

28 Apr 2015

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7:16 - April 2015 Bonus - Woodland Scenics "Just Plug" system (2015)

Miles Hale reviews the ins and outs of Woodland Scenics' Just Plug new LED lighting system.



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Great reporting Miles.  Having replaced a fair number of building lights over the years, usually a 16 volt lamp with only 11 or 12 volts going to it, I really like the idea of only doing this once going forward.  And how much easier can it be than this system from Woodland Scenics.  Thanks for explaining it.  BTW:  my local hobby shop guy says the CTRL input is for connecting a remote toggle to turn the LEDs on/off remotely without the trouble of unplugging the wall wart.  Is he correct about this?

Excellent presentation..It looks like a great product especially for those like me who tread caefully with the LED products.  I alo appreciate that this evaluation was provided to us so soon.  Thanks to Miles and to MRH

 Georonn: The control jumper is to plug in the Aux Switch and when pluged in it controls the 4 lights hooked to the Hub. all 4 are on or off by the one switch. The power or Wall wart is still on. The only way to turn the transformer off is by a switched wall outlet or power tap or unplug the transformer.  Hope this helps. Miles

I gotta ask whether the power supply is good for international areas such as Australia or UK which use 240V power, or whether we'd have to supply our own?


Check the Woodland Scenics web site. They show a transformer for European and Australian use.