2015-04.2: Finescale Expo, part 2

11 Apr 2015

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19:38 - April 2015 Act II - Finescale Expo: 2 (2015)

In part two of our report on the Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo, Trevor learns about the legacy of modeler Brian Nolan, and we witness the one of the the craziest modeling contests ever staged.  Never let it be said that finescale modeling is all serious business!

Act III: Modeling rural scenery on Back to the Basement ...

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No comments so far? Really ... Is this video THAT stupefying?

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Barry and I had a LOT of fun doing this segment. And the participants in the kit-bashing contest were great sports - subjecting themselves to this in order to raise a few hundred dollars for charity.

The kit/bash event was also a good reminder that being a modeler at the top of one's game does not mean one has to be po-faced about the hobby. There's a time for seriousness, but also a lot of time for fun - and the tremendous modelers I met at the Finescale Expo were a gregarious bunch, with no exceptions.

The social aspect of this hobby is one of its great strengths - and the men and women at the Finescale Expo have that aspect nailed.

- Trevor

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Maybe everyone is stupified over the way they treated those beautiful craftsman kits ! HOWEVER, they did have a LOT of fun, and it did go to a great charity.

I am going to put this Expo on my to-do list of events to attend. I would not have considered it without this great video to show what is going on.


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Well, that was interesting. I wonder if any of the guys got miffed when they had to change models. Competition is competition, you know, even if it's just for fun.

Thanks for sharing the Finescale Expo, It was great stuff.



The first part was a hoot but for the sake of innocent small animals and little children who are susceptable to nightmares, please remain clothed during these contests! Having been formerly of a similar geometry, (now 100 pounds smaller) I avoided exposure in public forums... I abdided by this self imposed restriction, for the sake of the children and timid animals.

The awe came in viewing the incredible fine scale modeling and artistry in the second portion.  I will make it point to make a special trip to the suncoast museum the next time I am anywhere in Florida.  That is worth a days travel to see more of those amazing dioramas.

Nothing but knocked out. Simply wow incredable modeling; Inspiring almost overwhelming.