2015-02.4: Roadshow - Build an overpass

28 Feb 2015

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18:09 - February 2015 Act IV - Roadshow: Build an overpass (2015)

Welcome to part 6 of The Roadshow.  In this segment, Trevor builds an overpass using sheet styrene, and shows us a simple but effective technique that he learned for simulating concrete on the structure.

Bonus 1: Installing Soundtraxx SoundCar sound modules in HO-scale rolling stock ...

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  Nice job to Trevor and the gang.  Going to have to remember to get a sanding drum to use with my drill press the next time I am at the tool store.  Love Gordon Gravett's books.  I have the two on trees, now I can see I need the grassland/marsh one as well.

  Those bridge pieces look like they would have been a perfect project for Miles and his Cricut cutter.  Any chance you will share the drawings with us in an article for the magazine?  That type of concrete underpass is very common and would be a great addition for many layouts.

  Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.  Giving me ideas for making my own modules.

Thanks again and keep 'em coming!



Really enjoy the video segments, but could the videographer use tripods to avoid the shaking? After a while of watching it gets hard to keep watching. 

They hand-held cameras on previous segments as well. 


Scott Thornton

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Hi Toni:

Apologies for not responding sooner...

The drawings I did are pretty rudimentary. I'd be happy to share them with you directly - I think I've scanned them. If you visit my layout website you'll find a contact form in the "About the Author" section that'll give me your email securely.


- Trevor

Great tutorial;  I really enjoy the scratchbuilding and techniques videos!  Excellent modelling Trevor, that portal turned out great, thanks. James

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Thanks James - I'm glad it worked for you. Happy modeling!

- Trevor