2014-12.3: Installing roadbed and fascia

20 Dec 2014

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15:16 - December 2014 Act III - Roadshow: Roadbed/fascia (2014)

The Roadshow returns!  In part 4, Trevor invites his friend Chris Abbott to the workshop to help him install roadbed and fascia on his portable Free-mo-style modules.

Act IV: Back-to-the-basement - Tracklaying ...

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How was the subroadbed cut. Was it short straight pieces or were there cut to match the curve? Otherwise it was a good video.  I am contemplating an addition so this is a good refresher for me.

Nice Segment. I wish it was a bit longer, but I'll take what I can get!

Keep up the good work, it's looking good.



The subroadbed material was cut in long strips to width, then chopped to shorter lengths (about 8") with approximately a 2-3 degree angle at each end. This allowed us to follow the marked curve fairly closely while minimising any gaps between subroadbed section ends. The two layers were stacked such that joints were staggered to improve strength and ensure flatness. 

Thanks for watching,

Chris Abbott

This is a great segment to Trainmasters TV. Thanks for taking the time to do this work..... Very enjoyable.....



Good episode. Personally I prefer to use double sided carpet tape to adhesive for subroadbed and roadbed. If I make a mistake or change my mind I can pull it up and start over without having to scrape glue off. I really like the styrene facia. I'm going to try that instead of Masonite.

Hi guys awesome video but I got one question.

I live in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada and the closest big cities near me are Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Québec.

Where can I find a plastic dealer that sells styrene to the public in those areas?




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Hi Eric:

Start working the Google-fu. You're looking for a retail plastics company. I bought mine at Plastic World in Toronto. Try "Plastic suppliers Ottawa", "Plastic suppliers Cornwall", "Plastic suppliers Montreal" until something comes up.

It's fairly easy to find. Styrene is used a lot in sign-making, and companies that make display cases in acrylic probably also stock styrene and other types of plastic. If you can't find a plastic supplier you can probably find a sign printing company that will sell you a sheet if you go and visit them and ask nicely...

Happy hunting!

- Trevor